EP 019: Outwitting the Devil- Are YOU a Drifter?

Outwitting the who?

Today’s episode is a part of our new Thursday series, Strategy Masters Book Club! Tune in and hear one of Kirsten’s biggest takeaways from Outwitting the Devil, a book by Napoleon Hill that focuses on how we can reclaim our lives and be intentional with our decision making! 

Drifting is a habit we are all in. At least 98% of us at least. We think we are in the driver’s seat of life, cruising along and making things happen. But how many of our decisions are actually dictated by habits that we are not even aware we have?

This book is a big-time favorite and for many reasons. This concept of “drifting” has never left me and I know that since the awareness happened that I was indeed a drifter, I have never gone back to the same thought processes. Proceed with caution, because you’ll move into a space of leaving the ignorance is bliss train behind!

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