EP 017: Are You Addicted to Bad Words!?

All you need is a positive mindset, and things will change! Oy….

The Power of Your Words (yep even the bad ones)

On today’s episode, we are narrowing in on something you may be doing in your life that is actually stalling your success. You may be trying to implement a “healthy mindset” and thinking all kinds of positive thoughts. But on the flip side, your words and habits from a lifetime of using words that bring just the opposite- scarcity, frustration and overwhelm, might be canceling out your best efforts! 

Let’s say you recite daily affirmations in the morning. You feel the high vibration of words like “I am successful, I can create impact, I am wealthy.”

Then you leave your room or your place of solitude where you feel comfortable saying things like that, and you immediately fall into the trap of your “normal” thoughts and words. You start working and say “This is SO hard! I can’t figure this out! I am so frustrated! I am SO tired…”

Your brain has no idea WHAT to believe, but it’s going to go with the more emotionally communicated words. So if you’re not fully immersed in making those affirmations your TRUTH rather than a cute habit, you’re missing the mark!

We’re chatting about the power of words and how much awareness you need to have surrounding the words you think and the words you speak out loud. Mindset is such an overused buzz word now because everyone is focusing on changing from the outside in, versus the inside out. How can we flip that? Listen in and let’s start changing your words! 

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