EP 016: This One Thing May Be Holding Back Your Business

We had this major a-ha moment over the weekend, and we just wanted you to know what it was!

The Common Problem

As a marketing strategist, the biggest question I get from business owners is “How can I get my business in front of more people?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always easy. Sure, you can identify some of the things that they are doing (or not doing) in their business that might have an impact on their sales.

If you need people to see your business, you need to market your business. I think we can all agree on that. But marketing isn’t just a cut and dry process of posting on social media or writing blog posts. There’s a greater strategy in play if you want to be successful.

If all you are doing is posting on Facebook hoping that people will buy, you are not marketing. You are simply trying the advertise your business. With out a marketing strategy, you are just trying to use some advertising tactics to get seen. Sometimes they work, and most times they don’t.

The biggest problem that I see on a daily basis is that business owners are getting trapped in their own cycle of trial and error. They see tactics on the internet, learn about them, test them, test them some more. Four months later they find they are nowhere closer than they were before.

Why? They are getting distracted by the process. Sure, the tactics might work for some people, but the likelihood it will work for yours is small. They aren’t bad ideas, they just weren’t created for your business in mind.

This is where a marketing strategy comes into play. Imagine understanding exactly what your business needs to be successful. Would you waste time working on fixes that aren’t meant for your business? Absolutely not! When you don’t have a marketing strategy, you are doing just that.

In this episode, we chat about the importance of having a strategy, and how not having one can set you back in your business. Take a listen and let us know if this is where you are in your business?

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