Ep 010: The Important First Step in Growing a Business- Email Strategy 101


EP 007: Meet the Director

Today we continue our Strategy Master series where we get to know the various strategy master types! We are sharing all about the Director and what makes them AMAZING at business strategy. 

The Directors are unicorns by nature, and may not be found easily in the entrepreneurship space. They are great at laying low and behind the scenes, but many brilliant and visually stunning projects are brought to life at the hand of the Director! 

The Director at a Glance

The Director is by nature a very organized person. They are great at getting the job done in a very precise and effective manner. You could call them a “puzzle master” as they can see all the pieces and where they’d come together to create the best possible outcome.

The Director is great with managing people and has a knack for seeing the strengths in others, which is how they can get big projects done with perfection. They don’t need to be good at everything and know that if they find the right people for the right jobs, magic can happen.

Common Traits of the Director

The Director is an amazing planner with a keen eye for details that the other strategy master types may overlook. They are similar to Architects in that way, where they know exactly how to bring things to fruition, but they have even more grit and perseverance to an ideal outcome.

They are able to accomplish this by being master delegators. They know enough about each responsibility and role to know when everything and everyone are working most effectively, but they are never going to take over and try to do every job themselves. They might micromanage people at times, but will never micromanage their jobs. They could hover and swap out an employee when they find that they are not performing at their highest potential and are holding up progress.

Directors are “no-nonsense” business owners and managers. They don’t bring their personal and emotional stuff into their work, which might come across as detached or a bit cold to their coworkers and employees. They don’t mean to come across this way, but are very serious about the job getting done and draw very clear boundaries with their relationships.

They are extremely self aware and know how they come across, so they are great at having tough conversations and keeping things moving in a forward motion, without compromising the results.

Even though they may not be the one to take everyone out for dinner after work, they are charged by people and relationships in the work setting. They are inspired by the strengths of others and love seeing them reach their full potential. They know how to push people to create their absolute best work and find joy in seeing others accomplish goals. They’re not surprised when things come together, because they could see the potential all along.

The Director is a problem solver and the “go-to” person when there is a conflict or struggle in business. This makes them great leaders as they are not one to get tied up in the emotion or panic, but are swift to find solutions and know right where to go and who to turn to, for the best outcome available.

Directors may have a tendency to fall into the category of “workaholic” as they are so driven to greatness and can get caught up in the striving for perfection. They struggle at times to remember the overall picture and focus on tasks and smaller strategies that seem extremely important in the moment.

They may get hyper focused on tasks and lose their innate ability to connect with people. This can make them come across as cold and harsh to work with- but they mean well and need gentle reminders that perfection is not necessary 100% of the time.

Directors have high expectations of others and set the bar at a level that may seem unachievable to their peers. In the end though, those who work with the Director are blown away at the results and are grateful for the push and high bar the Director set.

Perfect Pairings

The Architect works well with the Director, as long as they have very defined roles and responsibilities. If they are collaborating equally, they may butt heads when it comes to the details. They have the same end goal, but might get there in a different way. They do have mutual respect for each other, and in the right work environment can create amazing things together!

Avant Garde – The Avant-Garde LOVES the Director because they are the ones who make all the crazy ideas possible. They lean on the Director to do the work they have no interest in doing. The Director is happy to oblige and always puts out great work for the Avant-Garde, but might feel frustrated with the ever changing ideas, lack of consistency and work that becomes obsolete when the Avant-Garde changes direction.

Director – These two are not likely to work well together unless they have clearly defined responsibilities. There will need to be a dominant director- and everyone will need to know who is in charge. The director may employ other directors to help get jobs done, but they will never allow another director to take over. Too many cooks in the kitchen scenario here.

Analyst – Made for each other- these two work great together! The Analyst validates all of the Directors ideas and ideals. The Director relies heavily on the Analyst to tell them if they are on the right track and how all of the work they are doing will pay off. The Director is not confusing or intimidating to the Analyst so they get along well.

Visionary – The Visionary LOVES the Director and the feeling is mutual. The Director has a lot of respect for the Visionary and is excited by their ideas. While the Director can be quite creative, they are not as likely to be the one coming up with grand ideas. So working with a Visionary they are inspired and moved to create greatness for them. They have a mutual respect for one another and work well together to create results that are impactful!

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