Ep 010: The Important First Step in Growing a Business- Email Strategy 101


EP 006: Meet the Avant-Garde

With an eye for details and clear vision of the plan, the Architect has the ability to create a plan that is designed for success. Using both formula and creativity, the Architect is the one that can take a vision and easily create a blueprint that will help bring the vision to life.

Today we get to introduce you to the Avant-Garde, who is potentially the most free spirited strategy master type of all. This type is full of wild ideas and they are the strategic masters who keep us all on our toes!

The Avant-Garde at a Glance

The Avant-Garde has a very specific way of doing things, and it makes complete sense to them. It may not, however, make sense to the rest of the people they are working with, which may lead to confusion and frustration.

They have a natural ability to bring an electric and exciting vibe to everything they do, much like a rockstar. One significant person who comes to mind as we illustrate the Avant-Garde is Walt Disney. His vision was unlike anything anyone had ever done, and for a while people thought he was crazy. But what he created in the end is something nobody can quite hold a candle to.

Common Traits of the Avant-Garde

The Avant-Garde is someone who will always make life more interesting. They force evolution by incorporating a lot of forward thinking and outside the box thinking. They are strong and confident in their ideas. They may not be good at everything, but they are VERY good at what they are good at. They will often challenge the status quo and if there’s a way to be different and unique, they’ll find that way.

The Avant-Garde is not easily influenced by fads or others who are in the same business or industry as they are. In fact they will likely be the trend setters, and will set the tone for others in their industry to follow.

They are leaders without even trying, however they are not as likely to be great at managing people. Simply by being themselves and bringing that eclectic energy to their projects, they will attract people who are both intrigued and inspired by their ideas.

They are UNAPOLOGETIC- which can either be a flaw or a strength, depending on how they use this superpower. It can work for their good in that they don’t allow the opinions and judgment of others to hinder their dreams and progress. But it can be a great downfall if they fail to show care and consideration for others who they are working with.

The Avant-Garde makes many of their decisions based on emotion and whether it serves their creative drive. They view facts and data as a hinderance and don’t like getting caught up in the mundane details. They will likely overspend on projects to provide the ultimate experience for their customers, and the “wow factor” is a non-negotiable.

The Avant-Garde has a tendency to micromanage their team members. As a boss they can be frustrating to work for, as they want to do a lot of the work themselves. Their passion overrides their logic and they feel they can do the job better than others because it will be done “their way”.

The Avant-Garde hates to- do lists and creates organically and without much structure. Because of this their way of doing things may be hard to duplicate, and they rely heavily on Directors and Analysts to keep their business running effectively.

Perfect Pairings

The Architect is able to map our the plan, but lacks the follow through to make the project happen. Even though they might not enjoy the work of doing the tasks laid out in the strategy, they are willing to get dirty and make things happen. If an Architect is hopeful to get their project completed, they need to surround themselves with a team that can handle the execution of the plan so they can make sure each step is done correctly.

Perfect Pairing

Avant Garde – They work well with each other. Thing of the phrase, birds of a feather flock together. They understand each other and speak the same language. They may not be as likely to work on the same project, but collaborations are a big opportunity for them to work with other Avant-Garde’s.

Director –These two make a good match. The Director can take over managing the processes and day to day steps, so the Avant-Garde can do what they do best.

Analyst – These two are not likely to work in the same room often. The Analyst might be waving the facts and figures to get the attention of the Avant-Garde, but there will always be a buffer- like the Director, who manages numbers and the details, so the Avant-Garde doesn’t have to.

Architect – These two might be a good fit, but could butt heads on the details. They have different priorities and approaches. The Architect can work with the Avant-Garde in a fashion similar to the Director, but is more likely to work behind the scenes without a lot of collaboration.

Visionary – These two are likely to be competitive. They may not see eye to eye on how things should happen, because their process and driving forces are different. They both love to help others and create big things, but for slightly different reasons.