Ep 010: The Important First Step in Growing a Business- Email Strategy 101


EP 005: Meet the Architect

With an eye for details and clear vision of the plan, the Architect has the ability to create a plan that is designed for success. Using both formula and creativity, the Architect is the one that can take a vision and easily create a blueprint that will help bring the vision to life.

Today we get to introduce you to the Architect, aka Ben, aka half of the people who have taken the Strategy Masters Quiz! On this episode and in this post we are telling you more about this fantastic strategic master and what makes them tick, in all the best ways and the worst ways.

The Architect at a Glance

The Architect is a designer at heart, and has the ability to take any idea and figure out the “how” of getting it done. The Architect has the ability to see through the mess of the process and draft out the perfect plan. This Strategy Master Personality takes other’s visions and creates beauty out of chaos.

Insightful and thoughtful, the Architect uses data and trends to support the success of the end goal. This innate ability possessed by the Architect create clarity in projects and helps teams understand the steps and process along the way.

Common Traits of the Architect

The Architect has an ability to interpret someone’s vision and bring it to life. Having a firm understanding of what needs to be done when creating the plan, they easily identify the elements that contribute to the success or failure of a business, and do so by working backwards from the end goal to create a sustainable business.

As someone who like to have everything laid out and planned ahead of time, the Architect might find it difficult to work with team leaders on project who change their mind or are impatient when following the steps required to finish the project.

The Architect never goes blindly into a project and knows exactly how every step will impact the greater whole of the project or business. They are infamous for charting out every single step before taking action on the first step. People might find the process overwhelming at the beginning, but once they see the clear path that the Architect has created, it will be easy for them to get on board.

The Architect loves data and facts, and will create their strategy centered on numbers and proof of concept. This however can cause some friction through the design process as the Architect sometimes has a difficult time taking insight from others, especially when there is no data to back it up. Their design is an artistic masterpiece, and it might be difficult to change direction once its put to paper.

The Architect has a tendency to stall when working on projects. This isn’t typically because they don’t know what to do or create, instead they don’t have a firm grasp on the end goal to create the path. They may become easily distracted by new projects that they have more clarity around, because they naturally are able to see the end result.

The Architect is able to map our the plan, but lacks the follow through to make the project happen. Even though they might not enjoy the work of doing the tasks laid out in the strategy, they are willing to get dirty and make things happen. If an Architect is hopeful to get their project completed, they need to surround themselves with a team that can handle the execution of the plan so they can make sure each step is done correctly.