Ep 010: The Important First Step in Growing a Business- Email Strategy 101


EP 004: Meet the Visionary

A natural-born leader and a big dreamer, the Visionary has the ability to strategize with the end in mind. With a mix of creativity and practical know-how, the visionary has the ability to inspire others by helping others clearly see how their strategy will become a reality.

Today we get to introduce you to the Visionary. And as a bonus, you get to learn more about Kirsten, who will forevermore be the Visionary Mascot here at Strategy Masters. Aren’t you excited?

In this episode and in this post we are telling you more about this fantastic strategic master and what makes them tick, in all the best ways and the worst ways.


The Visionary is the dreamer, the creator, and the believer that they can create something amazing. The Visionary has the ability to see beyond the idea, and what it takes to get there. This Strategy Master Personality creates the vision for others to follow and can easily get team members to invest in what they have created.

Driven and forward-thinking, the Visionary uses both creativity and strategy to design plans that build toward legacy and purpose. The inherent skills of the Visionary are what drives them to excellence, and helps their teams to achieve an outcome of excellence.


The Visionary is a natural-born leader. This is due to their ability to put passion behind their work. A Visionary thrives in environments that allow them to use their creativity in planning. No idea is too big or too small to the Visionary. The Visionary makes great entrepreneurial leaders, coaches, and consultants to companies looking to create energy in their business and make an impact through their mission.

As someone that dreams big and believes in the potential of their company, team, and customers, The Visionary may find it hard to work with companies or clients that are not open to new ideas, or that are unwilling to put the money behind these big projects.

The Visionary is able to see beyond just the strategy behind the success. They are able to see how each step in the planning process will get them one step closer to their goal. Having this vision gives them the ability to paint the picture of success to their team and clients, and quickly take them from “skeptics” to “believers.”

The Visionary is full of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to working towards their goal. Although they are creative, they can sometimes lack flexibility when challenges occur during the process. The path in their mind is clear, and it might take them a little bit of time and convincing to deviate from the plan.

With extreme passion comes strong emotions, and The Visionary has a tendency to make plans and decisions with their emotions. This pushes them to sometimes act fast and think later when it comes to planning and implementation. Practicing patience and trusting those around them will help them slow down and base decisions on facts and data, rather than emotions.

The Visionary has a tendency to be disorganized and messy but appreciates a strong and cohesive plan. They also sometimes lack the ability to execute their ideas fully because they may not know exactly how to make things happen. Assembling a team to handle the details and make sure everyone is on task will help make their dream a reality. They may not be the best team player, but an experienced Visionary understands the importance of balancing expectations and reality.