Ep 010: The Important First Step in Growing a Business- Email Strategy 101


EP 001: Welcome to the Strategy Masters Podcast

Welcome to the Strategy Masters Podcast!

This is our first episode and we are thrilled to launch this new show to the world. However you have found us, thanks for being here!

What is the podcast about?

We have been building businesses for over a decade together, and in the past 4-5 years that has become primarily online. We have coached and mentored thousands of people in that time and have been paying very close attention to what we see people missing in the entrepreneurship space.

While there are many factors that contribute to the success or failure of a business, one of the biggest we see is whether people have strategy. Are they approaching things with the end in mind? Do they have any idea how they will grow, scale and even someday sell their business?

We have done things wrong, and we’ve also done a lot of things right. What we are offering in this podcast is the ability to get inside our minds as strategy masters, so that you can take a more strategic approach to your own business.

This podcast is all about the strategy behind many of the most important facets of an online business, from launch strategy to social media strategy, and everything beyond and in between.

What will I learn from the podcast?

We are offering course level content on every single episode of Strategy Masters! We have dabbled and grown many areas of business, and we will give you so much good content on each episode, that you will want to take good notes for how you can apply these strategies into your own business!

But if you are a listen and soak it in type of person, we’ll also have show notes here for you on the blog! And to continue the discussion you can join our free Facebook community- Business Haven.

Who Are Ben and Kirsten?

We are your amazing HOSTS of the podcast and the creators of this incredible brand. On this episode we tell you a little bit about how creating this business has felt like a “coming home” of sorts. After many (many, many) twists and turns and plot twists in our entrepreneurial journey, we have finally landed on a space where we feel we can offer the most value to help the most people.

We have combined skills and time of decades of experience connecting with people, selling, recruiting, building and scaling online business and business in general.

We run our business from home, but it’s not a simple as it sounds. We have three kids who we homeschool and are working hard to build a business that allows us to make impact, while understanding that our greatest impact is happening at home with our kids.

We tell you that to let you know that we have done ALL of our best work with babies, toddlers and pre-adolescent children at home. We know what it is like to find that work/life balance (which doesn’t exist entirely) and are very aware of the joy that will come when you have found a way to strategically build something that gives you freedom and flexibility.

Why is it Called Strategy Masters?

We believe everyone has what it takes to be a strategy master. A lot of times people just need to be shown what strengths they already possess and their abilities in growing a powerful business. They also need to be reminded of their weaknesses, and how they might not actually be holding their progress back, but helping them to do more than others can do.

Weaknesses, when looked at through a lens of strategy, can prove to be great strengths. We are showing each and every listener what type of strategy master they are, by first asking that they take the Strategy Masters Quiz FOUND HERE.

Our podcast and everything we offer here is to give you the tools and awareness to create a strategic business. And don’t confuse that with a purely technical and systematic approach. We will get into the root cause of why you’ve been ignoring strategy, and how to fit processes into your unique way of working and looking at the world. In short, we are going to provide far more than the “how to” and you’ll get coaching like you’ve never heard before on this podcast!

How Do I Listen?

You can always find episodes here on the blog, where you can play straight from the posts or on our homepage! But if you want easy access from your phone, the best place to listen in these places:

iTUNES | Stitcher Radio | Spotify

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We are thrilled you are here on this ride with us and hope you enjoy each and every episode of the Strategy Masters Podcast!